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Targets under-supplied major markets within Florida, providing market rate apartment homes in sought-after locations. Our founders have been responsible for the design, development, acquisition and construction of over 6,000 apartment homes within Florida. Our current rental portfolio has been acquired over the past 5 years resulting in excellent returns and yields.

Focuses on strategically acquiring properties that demonstrate strong existing demographic support. Our unique perspective of the growth patterns within Florida allows site selections to be specialized for the intended users. Our goal is to achieve stable income growth from well-located commercial developments of all sizes.

Targets land parcels in various stages of entitlement and completion. Our expertise and insight has enabled us to acquire thousands of acres of land throughout Florida. We have positioned ourselves as a market leader in purchasing land by systematically acquiring property within the high growth areas and employment regions throughout the state. Our experience in processing land entitlements through the maze of governmental agencies including the state, counties and cities gives us a strategic advantage over our competitors. We understand land and possess the skills needed to entitle and develop it.

Harvest Holdings has sizeable equity resources to enable us to capitalize on opportunities in all facets of the real estate world. Working on our own or with select partners we have been able to capitalize on various other real estate investments including construction lending, custom home building, tax lien investing and financing HOA receivables. As a partner we not only bring capital but also bring experience and knowledge.

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